Divergent Chapter Discussion Question Answers

Veronica Roth's "Divergent" is a popular dystopian novel that follows the story of Tris, a young girl who finds herself caught up in a society divided by factions based on virtues. The book highlights the struggles that Tris faces as she tries to navigate through a society where fitting in is everything. In this article, we will provide answers to various discussion questions for each chapter of the book.

Chapter 1 - The Aptitude Test
The Aptitude Test is a test that all sixteen-year-olds in the society must take in order to determine which faction they are best suited for. In Chapter 1, Tris takes the test and is shocked by the results. She discovers that she is "Divergent," meaning that she has the ability to fit into multiple factions. Discussion Question: What does being Divergent mean?

Answer: Being Divergent means that Tris has abilities that go beyond the typical traits of one faction. She can fit into multiple factions, which is viewed as dangerous by the society. This puts Tris in a vulnerable position, as she cannot reveal her true nature to others.

Chapter 2 - The Choosing Ceremony
The Choosing Ceremony is where all sixteen-year-olds choose the faction they will belong to for the rest of their lives. During the ceremony, Tris chooses to join the Dauntless faction, which values bravery and courage above all else. Discussion Question: Why did Tris choose Dauntless?

Answer: Tris chose Dauntless because she was drawn to their values of bravery and courage. She has always felt like she did not belong in her old faction, Abnegation, because she did not value selflessness as much as the others. By joining Dauntless, she hopes to find a place where she fits in and can be her true self.

Chapter 3 - The Dauntless
In Chapter 3, Tris begins her initiation into the Dauntless faction. She meets her fellow initiates, and they are put through a series of physical tests to prove their bravery and strength. Discussion Question: How does Tris feel about her fellow initiates?

Answer: At first, Tris is intimidated by her fellow initiates, as many of them are stronger and more experienced than she is. However, she is also drawn to their bravery and courage. She begins to form friendships with some of them, such as Christina and Will, who share her values and determination.

Chapter 4 - The First Juncture
The First Juncture is when the initiates must decide whether to stay in the Dauntless faction or return to their old faction. Tris is faced with a difficult decision, as she is torn between her loyalty to her family and her desire to stay in the Dauntless faction. Discussion Question: Why is Tris hesitant to return to Abnegation?

Answer: Tris is hesitant to return to Abnegation because she no longer feels like she belongs there. She has discovered a new part of herself in Dauntless, and she is afraid of losing that if she goes back to her old faction. At the same time, she does not want to disappoint her family, who are devoted to the Abnegation values of selflessness and sacrifice.

Chapter 5 - Capture the Flag
In Chapter 5, the initiates play a game of Capture the Flag as part of their initiation. Tris shows her bravery and intelligence by coming up with a plan to help her team win. Discussion Question: What does Tris's actions during the game show about her character?

Answer: Tris's actions during the game show that she is both brave and intelligent. She is willing to take risks to help her team, and she comes up with a clever plan that ultimately leads to their victory. This demonstrates her ability to think outside the box and her commitment to her fellow initiates.

Chapter 6 - The Fear Landscape
The Fear Landscape is a simulation that all initiates must go through to face their deepest fears. Tris struggles during her simulation, but ultimately manages to overcome her fears and emerge stronger. Discussion Question: What does Tris's Fear Landscape reveal about her character?

Answer: Tris's Fear Landscape reveals that she has a deep fear of being perceived as weak and vulnerable. This fear is rooted in her past experiences of being seen as an outsider in her old faction. However, she is able to confront and overcome her fears, showing her strength and courage.

Chapter 7 - The Attack
In Chapter 7, the Dauntless compound is attacked by members of another faction, revealing a conspiracy that threatens to upend the entire society. Tris and her friends must navigate this dangerous situation while trying to uncover the truth. Discussion Question: How does Tris react to the attack on the Dauntless compound?

Answer: Tris reacts to the attack with a mix of fear and determination. She is afraid for her safety and the safety of her friends, but she is also determined to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and protect the society from those who would do it harm.

Chapter 8 - One Choice
In Chapter 8, Tris faces a difficult choice when she is asked to participate in a plan to overthrow the faction system. She must decide whether to join the rebellion or stay loyal to the society. Discussion Question: What factors does Tris consider when making her decision?

Answer: Tris considers her loyalty to her friends and her desire to protect the society from harm. She also considers the implications of the rebellion and the consequences it could have on the society as a whole. Ultimately, she chooses to participate in the plan because she sees it as the only way to stop the conspiracy and protect the people she cares about.

Chapter 9 - Divergent
In Chapter 9, Tris's true nature as a Divergent is revealed to her friends and allies. She must navigate a dangerous situation where being Divergent is viewed as a threat to the society. Discussion Question: How does Tris's status as a Divergent affect her relationships with others?

Answer: Tris's status as a Divergent puts her in a vulnerable position, as it is viewed as a threat to the society. This strains her relationships with her friends and allies, as they are unsure whether to trust her or not. However, it also strengthens her resolve to fight against the conspiracy and protect those she cares about.

Chapter 10 - The Attack on Abnegation
In Chapter 10, the conspiracy comes to a head as the Dauntless faction attacks the Abnegation faction. Tris and her allies must fight to protect the innocent and stop the conspiracy from achieving its goals. Discussion Question: What sacrifices does Tris make during the attack on Abnegation?

Answer: Tris makes several sacrifices during the attack on Abnegation, including risking her own life to protect others and making difficult decisions that could have serious consequences. She also learns the truth about her family and uses that knowledge to help them and others.

In conclusion, "Divergent" is a gripping dystopian novel that explores themes of identity, loyalty, and bravery. Through Tris's journey, we see the struggles that come with trying to fit in and the importance of staying true to oneself. The discussion questions for each chapter provide insight into the characters and their motivations, as well as the larger themes of the book. Overall, "Divergent" is a must-read for anyone interested in dystopian fiction and the complexities of human nature.