101 Ways To Torture Your Husband

101 Ways To Torture Your Husband: For Fun and Laughter!

Every couple that has been married for a while knows that sometimes relationships can be frustrating. Sometimes men are insensitive or forgetful, and sometimes they need a little playful nudge to keep things interesting. While most people think of torture in a negative sense, in this context, it means a fun way to tease and trick your significant other.

We have compiled our top 101 ways to torture your husband for your amusement and inspiration. Some of these ideas may involve a bit of planning, others require a specific set of skills, and some just require a good sense of humor. However, all of these torture tips are harmless, and none of them will physically injure your husband.

1. Use a fake spider to scare him – If your husband is arachnophobic, you can get a fake spider and place it in his bed, on his clothes, or even in his coffee cup. It will be hilarious to watch him jump when he sees it.

2. Ask him to do something “urgent” with a consequence – Tell him that he needs to call his boss and quit the job because it’s urgent. Then watch him sweat it out before you reveal that it was just a joke.

3. Use a water gun on him – Fill a water gun with ice-cold water, wait for him to fall asleep, and then douse him!

4. Hide his favorite snack – One way to get your husband’s attention is to hide his favorite snack and watch him scour the house looking for it.

5. Dress up his pet in funny clothes – If your husband has a pet, dress it up in a funny outfit, and watch him blush with embarrassment.

6. Decorate his car with funny stickers – A great way to express your love and sense of humor is to decorate his car with funny or outrageous stickers. You can also write messages using car chalk or lipstick.

7. Pretend not to know what his favorite pastime is – “Golf? What’s that? Is it some kind of animal?” Pretending that you don’t know what he loves will get him talking and may lead to interesting conversations.

8. Send him on a scavenger hunt – Plan a scavenger hunt that ends in a romantic setting. Leave clues around the house, but make the search fun and challenging.

9. Make non-threatening practical jokes – Prank someone with something innocuous, like putting rubber bands around the sink handle so that when he turns on the water, he gets sprayed!

10. Play hide-and-seek – If your husband is a good sport, you can play hide and seek in the house or yard.

11. Leave a flirty note in his wallet – Sneak a flirty note into your husband’s wallet, so when he opens it, he gets a pleasant surprise.

12. Make him breakfast in bed but use strange ingredients – Make breakfast in bed and use interesting and unusual ingredients or create something that looks funny.

13. Create an obstacle course – Design a loony and outlandish obstacle course in your backyard. Your husband will enjoy the challenge, and you will have a good laugh.

14. Play a prank while he’s asleep – Use his shaving cream to draw a mustache or funny eyebrows on his face or put makeup on him.

15. Make a funny video – Record your husband doing something goofy or edit together a funny video using silly clips of him.

16. Use a meme to communicate – Write a message using an internet meme or make one of your own.

17. Make a silly and drawn-out goodbye – Give him an over-the-top drawn-out goodbye filled with kisses on the cheek, uplifted arms, and a funny accent.

18. Come up with a secret handshake – Invent a secret handshake with your husband and use it at every opportunity.

19. Give him a caricature of himself or you – Caricatures make great gifts and will keep your husband laughing for hours.

20. Create a funny T-shirt – Create a T-shirt that’s unique and funny, with phrases like “I’m with Stupid” or “My wife is my boss.”

21. Replace his shampoo with cooking oil – Swap out his bottle of shampoo for one that’s filled with cooking oil.

22. Use a helium balloon to wake him up – Tie a helium-filled balloon to his toe, so when he wakes up, the balloon floats away, waking him up in a hilarious way.

23. Program his phone with a prank call – Set up a fake phone number and program your husband’s phone to receive a prank call from his boss.

24. Add a personal touch to canned food – Add a label to canned food that says, “I love you more than canned peas!”

25. Put a weird message in his lunch box – Create unique and funny messages or jokes to put in his lunch box.

26. Replace his towel with an unusual one – Change out his traditional bathroom towel with one that’s covered in lipstick kisses.

27. Create a funny playlist – Create an unusual playlist for your husband with music that he usually doesn’t listen to.

28. Wear a ridiculous outfit – Dress up in a silly outfit and act like it’s the most normal thing ever.

29. Buy him an unexpected gift – Buy your husband an unusual or unexpected gift that will surprise him and make him laugh.

30. Use a walkie-talkie to communicate with him in the house – Use a walkie-talkie to play hide and seek or send him on a scavenger hunt.

31. Get him a funny bumper sticker – Buy a bumper sticker that’s humorous or outrageous.

32. Create a silly crossword puzzle – Make up and print a funny crossword puzzle to do with your spouse.

33. Play a board game – Play a board game that’s goofy or unusual.

34. Plan a romantic fall – Create an autumn-cum-holiday-themed scavenger hunt of sorts complete with silly-looking clues or a funny and inspiring hidden treasure.

35. Present him with a humorous certificate – Design and print a humorous certificate with an honor bestowed upon your spouse.

36. Play a video game together – Play a video game that’s funny or ridiculous.

37. Send him a love note via text – Write a funny message that will surprise him when he opens his phone.

38. Enlist a friend to help you prank him – Invite a friend to assist you in a prank!

39. Design a Photoshop prank – Create a Photoshop image of something that’s not real, like a giant duck sitting on top of your house.

40. Wake him up to a funny song – Set his alarm to play a silly song, like “Wake up little Susie” by the Everly Brothers.

41. Use a change of name – For the day, referring to him as something unusual like Joe Mamma.

42. Make fun of his favorite sports team – Come up with a silly but harmless joke about his favorite team.

43. Change his ringtone to something funny – Set his ringtone to something that’s humorous like a baby laughing or a fart sound.

44. Plan a unique outing – Plan a unique and silly date, like a trip to a nearby cornfield maze or mini-golf course.

45. Make a funny card – Create a funny card that will make him chuckle.

46. Come up with an outrageous story – Tell a story that’s outrageous and funny.

47. Use props – Use props to tell a story or joke, like wearing funny hats or masks.

48. Do a mock interview – Interview him about something silly or use a made-up news anchor name!

49. Sing a silly song to him – Create a song that includes funny or weird lyrics.

50. Make up a dance – Create a silly dance routine or do an exaggerated version of one!

51. Mix strange outfits – Mix and match outfits in a silly manner to create a humorous look.

52. Put together a goofy fashion show – Dress up in crazy outfits and pretend to walk the runway!

53. Come up with a silly plan – Plan something that’s goofy but entertaining, like a picnic on the beach in the dead of winter!

54. Use fake accents – Speak in fake accents or using words or phrases from a different language.

55. Use a word he doesn’t know – Tell him a joke using a funny word that he doesn’t understand.

56. Create a funny poster – Make a poster with a witty phrase or picture.

57. Leave a silly voicemail – Call and leave him a voicemail with a funny message.

58. Write a silly letter – Write a letter that’s full of jokes and humor.

59. Play a trick using a rubber snake – Leave a fake snake in his bag, or in the bed, a natural prank trick.

60. Have him play the “quiet game” in a noisy environment – Challenge him to the “quiet game” while in a loud or busy place like the grocery store.

61. Do a funny impression – Impersonate someone you both know or make up a silly accent.

62. Do a silly dance in public – Start a silly dance, and then watch him try to join in!

63. Create a funny meme – Use an online meme generator to make a funny picture with a witty caption!

64. Make a funny video with his pet – Record a funny video with his pet doing something hilarious.

65. Wear matching outfits – Dress up in matching outfits and act like characters from a play.

66. Put something unusual in his coffee – Add something absurd to his coffee, like a single cherry, or whipped cream.

67. Paint his toenails – Use nail polish to paint his toenails in fun colors!

68. Use a fake phone conversation – Pretend to be on the phone with a famous person while he watches.

69. Play an outrageous game – Play a game that’s unusual